Private Boat Trip


Private Boat Trip – Just for you and your group! Extraordinary! If you are a group of people and/or a couple and want to be just on your own and have fun on a private boat, this is for you.We will be at your service all day. You enjoy your day.

Perfect for celebrations, Birthday Parties, Private parties also.

Joining an daily boat trip that is open to everyone is easy. Everybody can join them. They are good too but they are NOT PRIVATE. And they follow the same itinerary. They dock at only certain bays. and they return to Marmaris at certain time. All day is planned.

With Private Boat Tour: You will decide what time you would like to depart in the morning, what food you would like us to cook, what music to play, which beautiful places you would like to take a break at and swim/snorkel, how long to stop where etc. If you like we can stop for fishing.
Throw your party!!! Basically you are the Captain and we are your crew :)


Private, Quite bays, Good Food , Adapt to any schedule

What you can expect

You can expect a wonderful day out in your terms with your company.


We start about 10:00 and end around 17:00. We are flexible on these times


10:00AM : Departure

You will visit 3-4 bays with Swimming Breaks, See Pictures.

Around 1PM Lunch Will Be served, Included in the Price

Menu : Season Salad, Spaghetti, Choice of Grilled Chicken, Burger of Fish finally Fruit

Drinks Extra but Prices are reasonable.

We will be Back Latest 17:30 bur we can turn earlier if you need to. 


Pickup Time:

9:30AM - Please be ready in front of your hotel.

Departure Point

We will Pick You up from Your Hotel

Return Details

We will return You to Your Hotel. If Your Hotel



Departure time


More details

Swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. Even fishing allday.

Marmaris Bays are amazing. Turquoise mediterranean/aegean sea. Once you are on a boat sailing outside Marmaris Bay the feeleing is sooo nice. You feel the breeze, you smell the fresh sea water and you feel the freedom. You know you are going to have a great day.

That's why Marmaris and other Turkish resorts are so famous with sailing. Thousands of yachts from around the world come to Marmaris for Sailing in these coastline.


While booking Pick Whole Boat and quantity one to book this boat for one Full day for up to 8 People. Each Additional Person is 20 Euro.




Pickup from Hotel Boat Trip all day Lunch Return



Voucher information

Your Voucher will have full details about Your Bookings. Full detail of payment and Balance Status is in your Vouchers too.

Local Operator Information

Full Information of Local Tour operator is in Your Voucher. You can Call them , email them as well as you can contact us.
Please select Date and Time to be able to book the tour, you can always change tour date and time later.

We use similar 3-4 kinds of Boats for our Private Tours. So you may not get exact same boat sometimes, but you will get similar or better sometimes


Answer by Easymarmaris: Yes we can to this for you . Please email us at info[@] to discuss further
Answer by Easymarmaris: Yes There is a ferry (Catamaran) in April Every Saturday and Wednesdays. You need to plan in those days. Also Some days weather may delay or cancel this tour
Answer by Easymarmaris: You can buy ice cold drinks on the boat. Sharkie do not offer all you can drink. But There are other friend boats they do. Please check those as well. They all do the same tour.
Answer by Easymarmaris: Yes food included but not drinks. That is the boat that you are renting on Pictures. We will pick you up from hotel.
Answer by Easymarmaris: Yes you can book this boat. whole boat is 240 EURO for upto 8 people. Please select that Whole boat option and if you want to bring some friends from Hotel you can do That too. Please pick your date and then pick 10:00 as time and book Whole boat for whole day. A great lunch for everybody included in The price.
Customer Reviews
  • sandi44
    sandi44 - sandi44/Turkey
    • Currently 4.00/5
    This is awesome.... Perfect location ever...
  • Stefan
    Stefan - Marmaris/Turkey
    • Currently 4.00/5
    Great Fun Tour. This is the way if you want to do Private.

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